Line O Matic Machine Monitoring Software (LMMS)

Moving forward with the pace of industry 4.0, Lineomatic machines are equipped with a software LMMS, that we call as Lineomatic Machine Monitoring Software. This software helps for preventive maintenance and enhancement of machine performance and efficiency. It helps you to stay connected with your machine, monitor the performance and get required reports for better outcomes.

How it works?

All our fully automatic machines are provided with IPC (industrial PC) with our software installed in it. With the medium of internet (with minimum 2 Mbps speed), Lineomatic cloud is connected to the machine and hence all the real time data can be monitored and visualized with the help of Dashboards.

Not only monitoring, our software will also help to take the preventive actions for abnormal conditions before it gives any major breakdown or time-consuming maintenance. In detail, all our parameters are benchmarked with its limit value and when any of the parameter goes above its benchmarked value then, our machine will give alerts for different levels through Emails with remedy files attached with it.


  • Attractive, Informative and cumulative dashboard to visualize real time machine data.
  • Alert system designed with remedies to take necessary preventive actions to avoid any major breakdown.
  • Graphical and tabular representation of data with most precise and accurate information.
  • Historical data can be preserved to observe the machine performance in past. Users can get following Reports: -
    • Production Report- Production summary Report and Reel wise Production Report
    • Machine on- off Report
    • Machine observation Report
    • Email Log Report
    • Maintenance Schedule Report
    • Shift Wise Production Report
    • Preventive Alerts and Fault Reports


Some of the benefits of using LMMS are-

  • Remote monitoring of machine real time data on dashboard.
  • For Preventive maintenance, alerts can be generated to avoid any production loss or machine breakdown.
  • Observation of historical data.
  • Graphical Representation of Reports for better analysis.
  • Maintenance can be scheduled as per the requirement.