Our journey started at the beginning of 60s from manual feed, sheet to sheet ruling machine to make ruling on the paper. Development and manufacturing of automatic reel to sheet ruling / flexo printing machine was started in late 80s. Considering global requirement and to cater customer’s need of next century, Line O Matic Graphic Industries has started installing its fully automatic exercise book machines (Nova series) and cut size sheeters with automatic ream wrapping machine in late 90s itself. It’s remarkable and ongoing journey in developing unique and automatic lines continued in 21st century too with launch of automatic book production line for central sewn books (Compo series).

The 50 – Year’s history of family owned business is characterized by a high degree of technical competence and innovative ideas for the exercise notebook converting industry and other paper converting industry. At the beginning of 1997, a true visionary and dynamic entrepreneur Mr. UDAY PATEL formed a new corporate management team with new faces in the lead role with a great vision to lead the industry.

Line O Matic Graphic Industries has always been a precursor in introducing the most innovative and revolutionary products that can create ripples in the exercise notebook making industry & paper converting industry, fulfilling its commitment to offer the most futuristic machines to its customers.

The company is mainly engaged in the manufacturing of fully automatic exercise book machine, automatic book production line for central sewn books, automatic exercise book binding machine, automatic central sewn book binding machine, automatic reel to sheet ruling / flexo printing machine, automatic exercise book machine from reel to pile delivery station, automatic book cutting machine, automatic counting and folding machine, cut size sheeter etc.


We envision ourselves to become the leader in exercise notebook & paper converting industry in the global network.


Our mission is to achieve complete customer satisfaction by offering the best quality products and excellent after sales services.


In our profession, we always emphasize on values like consistency, persistence, reliability, equality and freedom.