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Why Original Line O Matic?

Longer Operational Life
Lower Maintenance Cost
To meet exactly Line O Matic Specifications
Advanced material utilization
Incorporation of State of Art design technology
Continuous Product Quality Improvement
Machine Performance Improvement
Backed by earliest dispatch system

Trust Original Line O Matic Parts

Assurance of Optimal Results…
When it comes to the best parts for your Line O Matic machine, the only choice is Original Parts. Each is purpose-built with the highest quality for superior performance.

Everything Proven

From state of the art precision testing to extensive machine-life tests, our quality control team has an extensive parts inspection system to provide you with the highest quality products to ensure reliability and durability. Original Line O Matic Parts are proven and dependable. Others are not…

“Original Line O Matic parts generally give better performance, last longer with east of installation.”


The quality of Original Part does not even compare to aftermarket parts. There could be differences in design, tolerances and materials. Behind every part Line O Matic produce is a team with the highest level of technical expertise, attention to detail and unmatched precision. Plus, each part is guaranteed to be compatible with your machine.

“Original Line O Matic Parts have been put through a series of tests to guarantee they will last.”

Expert Advice

All parts are serviced by Line O Matic technicians. He is trained to know every detail of your machine and respond quickly to your needs. Line O Matic team is there to help you to diagnose, select the right part and provide advice for its installation.

One man contact. Whether you need parts for fully automatic exercise book machine, automatic reel to sheet ruling / flexo printing machine, for older models or for newer ones, your point of contact will always be the same.

“When you have any concern, our technical team is always there to assist and cure the situation. The superiority and team behind Line O Matic Parts is amazing.”