Automatic Exercise Book Machine from Reel to Pile

Line O Matic Automatic Exercise Book machine from Reel to Pile consists of reel unwinding stand, ruling / flexo printing tower, cross cutting unit, sheet overlapping unit, sheet counting and collating unit, one inserter for preprinted index covers, one inserter for preprinted title covers, pile delivery station and centralized control panel (PLC) with lubrication system.

Model Bolt RP104 Nova RP104
Web speed* 400 meters per minute 300 meters per minute
Reel width 400 mm to 1040 mm 400 mm to 1040 mm
Reel Diameter 1400 mm 1400 mm
Core Diameter 70 to 110 mm 70 to 110 mm
Reel Weight (Maximum) 1000 Kgs 1000 Kgs
Colors 2 colours on each side 2 colours on each side
Printing width 400 mm to 1030 mm 400 mm to 1030 mm
Sheet count-maximum 50 sheets (200 pages) 50 sheets (200 pages)
Sheet count-minimum 6 sheets (24 pages) 6 sheets (24 pages)
Cutting length 290 to 450 mm (Variation of 5 mm) 290 to 450 mm (Variation of 5 mm)
Stack height 1600 mm / 28 reams 1600 mm / 28 reams
Paper GSM 45 GSM to 70 GSM 45 GSM to 70 GSM
Floor space (L x W x H) 21 x 10 x 4 (meters) 21 x 10 x 4 (meters)
Connecting Load 60.39 kW 48 kW
Usage Load 42 kW 35 kW
*Customized Solution for “Long Cut” capability can be offered.
*Machine speed and converting strokes will depend upon quality & GSM of the paper and number of pages being used.
  • Shaftless unwind reel stand with core mechanical chucks and hydraulic floor pick up
  • Hydraulic disc brakes on each side
  • Web guiding system (Paper web aligner) from Erhardt + Leimer
  • Advanced decurling system with reel diameter sensor
  • Pneumatic tension control system
  • Printing option by flexo polymer plate rubber sleeve
  • Available in long cut option with maximum cut length of 720 mm
  • Cover Inserter with Becker vaccum pump
  • Centralized Lubricating and greasing system
  • Delivery station with uniform pile