Automatic Book Cutting Machine

Line O Matic Automatic Book Cutting Machine consists of bunch feeding table, book front cutting unit, book separating cutting unit, book delivery table, waste removal system.

Model BCM 104
Converting strokes* 40 per minute
Maximum ups 4
Bunch width 400 mm to 1040 mm
Book width 145 mm to 225 mm
Book bunch-maximum 50 sheets (200 pages)
Book bunch-minimum 4 sheets (16 pages)
Bunch thickness 10 mm
Floor space (L x W x H) 6 x 4 x 4 (meters)
Connecting Load 8.54 kW
Usage Load 7.5 kW
*Depending upon feeding speed of manpower
  • Automatic book bunch feeding from pile
  • Inline front cutting & separating of books
  • Best & uniform quality finished books
  • High production with very less manpower
  • Less maintenance and easy to operate
  • Heavy duty and sturdy machine