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Preventive Maintenance System

In the era of IoT, Line O Matic provides smart & intelligent machines which can self-diagnose it’s process and asset conditions constantly in terms of generating real time preventive maintenance alerts with Plant Connect Software. It has additional feature of data analytics.

How it works?

Line O Matic fully automatic machines are equipped with inbuilt Plant Connect Software.

This software monitors machine’s critical parameters & condition constantly and gives Realtime data to plant connect server by 2 MBPS internet connectivity.

If any of parameter crosses its predefined limits (benchmark levels), software gives alert by SMS and email to predefined hierarchy level at customer’s place.

Alert email includes remedies for problem rectification.


User can monitor and supervise Line O Matic Machine at any time from anywhere.

It prevents machine or its unit from permanent damage.

It saves huge maintenance cost.

It provides data analytics of various aspects like:

  • Machine On/Off report
  • Production report
  • Email log report
  • Machine current data and Historical data report
  • Scrap data report vs Actual Production report
  • Maintenance log & scheduler